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Animal transport with Pick-up- and Delivery Service

with EU approval for animal transport

We are happy to collect our “passengers” from your home in Europe and bring them to the Frankfurt Airport. We transport your pets with an entire fleet of air-conditioned vans. With PetAir, your animals travel safely and securely from the very beginning - whether on the road or in the air. All of our vehicles are specially equipped for animal transport and have air-conditioned and heated loading areas with temperature monitoring. In addition, we, of course, clean and disinfect our vehicles and loading areas regularly.

At PetAir we also have a Type 2 transportation permit, which allows us to organize road transportation, should the journey take longer than seven hours. Our drivers have years of experience in handing animal transportation and receive regular training.

If your four-legged friends spend the night before their flight in Frankfurt am Main, they will receive accommodation in the animal station. Expert staff takes good care of the “guests” in the Animal Lounge and attends to their every need.

The Lufthansa Animal Lounge at the Frankfurt Airport is the most modern animal station in the world.

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Animal Transport with PetAir

We rely on strong partners

We have a large network of partners and work with strong companies such as Lufthansa, American Airlines, United Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cargolux and many more.

Therefore, you can rely on a professional and fast process and know that your pet is in the best hands. Contact us and allows us to help you with the transportation!

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Great service ...

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... and professional, no matter where.

- Dieter L.

Send animals... only with PetAir.

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Everything uncomplicated and very good advice.

- Lucy

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